Be Cool at Veg Fest

When we first started planning the festival, we debated whether to have it indoors or outdoors. Outdoors is great except when it’s not so great. Indoors is easier, but attendance may suffer if the weather is too perfect. We chose indoors because its our first year and we didn’t want to have add weather contingency planning to our planning.

Fortunately for us organizers, the weather will not be perfect, and having it indoors is starting to look prescient. It looks like yet another day in the 90s as a renewed heat wave starts up over the weekend. Fortunately for you, the festival is indoors. So you can enjoy all the great food, speakers, and exhibitors without sweating buckets.

If you like sweating buckets, you can grab some food and go sit outdoors on the grass behind Coffman. To each their own and all that. Far be it from us to prevent you from sweating buckets.

See you at the festival this Saturday, July 14th.