Twin Cities Veg Fest 2012 is being held at Coffman Memorial Union (CMU) on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. We’ll be using several rooms within the building. The main exhibition space is the Great Hall on the ground floor. Our speakers will be presenting in the Mississipi Room on the third floor, and the kid’s area will be across from the Mississipi Room in Room 303.

CMU is located at 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN. There is ongoing construction around the area, particularly on Washington Ave, which is permanently closed to cars on the east side of the river (where CMU is located).


There are many nearby routes, including over the pedestrian/bike bridge above Washington Ave. See the UMN’s bike route map and website and the City of Minneapolis’ bike map for more details. Nice Ride offers bike rentals and has a station near CMU.


Coffman Memorial Union is easily accessible by bus, but there are no bus stops in front of Coffman because of the light rail construction. The 2, 3, 6, 16 buses, among others, all service the East Bank of the UMN campus. See the list of stops near Coffman on the Metro Transit website for more details.


There is a parking ramp with easy access to CMU south of Coffman. It is easily accessible from East River Road. Weekend parking costs a maximum of $6 per day.

The Washington Ave bridge is open, but is not accessible from I35W or Cedar Ave, so you must use an alternate route. Fortunately, Google Maps factors this construction into its directions, and will not send you down an inaccessible path.

What’s nearby?

We’ve made a custom Google map that shows the venue, parking, and some nearby restaurants of interest.